I did this black ink drawing in 1979 while riding the chartered Army band tour bus to a gig somewhere in Europe.

Although faded to nearly sepia in color, somehow it’s survived these 40+ years. That’s cool.

Sometimes I used that time to write out musical ideas or practice arranging techniques.

Sometimes I would read books, Army regulations, or study leadership.

I tried to always utilize the “dead” time as an opportunity for doing something positive towards tangible self improvement.

And that mentality became a habit that’s still with me to this day. #arts 🎵🎶

#timeflies — at BurnettMusic.biz

Musings In Cb: “TIME FLIES”

PHOTO by Corinna Gray Photography (2023)

Christopher and Terri (Anderson) Burnett established their branch of The Burnett Family in March of 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are professional musicians, educators, and entrepreneurs based in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.