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RICHIE PRATT (March 11, 1943 – February 12, 2015, born Richard Dean Tyree) was an American jazz drummer. He embarked upon a career as a professional musician on the New York scene in the early 1970s, it was as much due to an unanticipated sporting injury as anything else. Pratt was born into a musical family (his mother was a church pianist and a brother is saxophonist, Chris Burnett) and grew up in the Kansas City metro city of Olathe, Kansas. He first studied music via the piano, as well as, attended various music camps as a youth prior to attending college as a music major at the University of Kansas.


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This is us opening our cousin Angela Threlkeld-Dodd's new book!

Impromptu Reunion

Burnett cousins from the McKinley Burnett line of the family visited the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City.
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