Welcome to our family website. We are musicians and live in the northwest Kansas City metropolitan area. We are life-long members of the creative class and have remained professionally active performing, teaching, and recording for over four decades.

Our experiences include many successful endeavors and many learning experiences. We are empty nesters who believe in the importance of family and community service. We believe in entrepreneurialism and optimism.

Firebird” was inspired by the painting of the same title created by the artist, Sintha Anderson. The mythological bird inspires both. My composition tells of the healing and regenerative power of always choosing love, hope, and faith while in the pursuit of doing mostly constructive things. When people count you out, don’t join them.

Music: “Firebird” by Christopher Burnett (BMI)

Performed by Christopher Burnett Ensemble: Christopher Burnett – alto saxophone, composition; Roger Wilder – piano; Jeff Harshbarger – bass; Clarence Smith – drums; with Terri Anderson Burnett and Freda Proctor – flutes. Commercial studio recording. Audio Engineer: Craig Rettmer, C.R. Sound, Kansas City.

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Burnett Family, est. 1979

Our line of the Burnett Family was established in 1979.

We met while living in Europe as adults.

Both of us are professional musicians.

We dated a couple of years and got married overseas while both of us were still working with the Army band in Germany.

Our immediate family is made up of our adult children and grandchildren.

Our extended family includes many very talented people – our siblings and all relatives of many surnames whom we each grew up with while living the first couple of decades of our lives in our parents’ homes.

We love all of them very much.

As you see, I’m a black American with the Burnett surname and I’m from the Kansas City area.

I have many Burnett cousins. And, although I’m likely not related to all black people surnamed Burnett, the inherent demographic of our surname is relatively small in that sense.

As an example, I met several of my cousins from the McKinley Burnett line of the family for the first time a couple of years ago by chance.

Terri’s Anderson lineage is extensive as well and goes back to Myles Standish and the Mayflower.

She’s actually a 9th great granddaughter of his.

At this point, we have lived most of our individual lives together and as our own family. And, we have also made life-long friends who have become “part of the family” as well.

This is not a genealogy site. We have had people on both sides of our families who have done decades of family history research. We are not undertaking that task. This is simply our family’s website and blog.

Burnett is an English surname. It is derived from a nickname from the Old French burnete, brunette, which is a diminutive of brun meaning “brown”, “dark brown”. Another proposed origin of the name is from burnete, a high quality wool cloth originally dyed to a dark brown colour.

Wikipedia: Burnett (surname)


Paola Roots Festival

Christopher Burnett QUINTET performed at the 2017 Roots Festival in my hometown of Paola, Kansas. This was the 28th anniversary of the annual festival. The last time I had the honor of performing there was in 2002. We invited a special guest to perform with us. My long time friend and jazz mentor from Army band days, Marcus Hampton. …


BurnettFamilyUS.org is a place for our family adventures.

The blog contains historical anecdotes and musings from our individual and collective perspectives.

You are also likely to find everything from our favorite recipes to a review of a favorite book.

We will also post some family photographs too.

Our main portal BurnettMusic.com has all of our musical activities.


With the advent of social media and email, most of our family and friends already have our contact information. We usually stay in touch a few times a week at a minimum as well. But, if you are not otherwise connected with us online and want to get in touch, click the envelope to send email.