The Secret Life of Plants

Our redbud tree 🌳 is likely going to be removed because she was initially planted too close to our home.

For the last three seasons she’s grown into that corner of the roof. Not her fault. Trees grow.

We’ve lived in our home for ten years and are going to do more landscaping.

It takes a while to actually do a thoughtful plan that’s based around how we actually live in our spaces inside and outside.

Being good stewards in life includes our relationships with all living things.

Sometimes we as humans forget that plants are living things too. #secretlifeofplants


PHOTO by Corinna Gray Photography (2023)

Christopher and Terri (Anderson) Burnett established their branch of The Burnett Family in March of 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are professional musicians, educators, and entrepreneurs based in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.