Yes, I’m a country boy from Paola, Kansas but my country boy game is now admittedly pretty weak.

I left Paola to strike out on my own almost 50 years ago and have subsequently lived in a wide variety of large cities and small towns in the United States and also some countries in Europe over those decades.

I have lost my country boy edge.

You would think that I could still tell the difference between squirrel scat and that from a rat or mouse.

I thought we had a rat or field mouse visiting us at night. Even had our exterminator company leave a humane trap to catch and relocate whichever.

Not so. Mystery solved.

I just caught the culprit (a cute bushy tailed squirrel) on his noontime pooping rounds today.

I am having to clean up after this dude a couple times a week.

Thanks to my sister Dr. Mary Jane Burnett for a solution: “Purchase some Repel All and sprinkle it where the poop was and you won’t have that problem. I buy mine from Home Depot.”

She further suggested: “I mix the granules with my grass seed when I overseed to keep the birds from eating them.”

Besides being smarter than me, my sister has maintained her connection to such things from our childhood.

Our neighbor’s uncle Marwood Lindsey used to take all of us as kids out hiking in the woods and along the nearby Bull Creek. We learned about nature on all levels from him. It was cool.

Musings In Cb: “SQUIRREL 1 – ME 0”

PHOTO by Corinna Gray Photography (2023)

Christopher and Terri (Anderson) Burnett established their branch of The Burnett Family in March of 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are professional musicians, educators, and entrepreneurs based in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.