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Terri Anderson Burnett (far left) and Christopher Burnett (far right) are shown here in a selfie photo with two archivists from the State of Kansas after their recent meeting.

We found out that any copyrighted material remains the property of the owner and thus the ARC catalogue is safe.

And, the ARC label’s music and the story will inherently become a permanently documented and tangible part of the history of the state and country.

The Artists Recording Collective + ARC Recording Label was cofounded in 2007 by Erica Lindsay, Sumi Tonooka, and Christopher Burnett.

To be more clear the historical society will keep the entire ARC catalogue alive indefinitely as an historic collection in the state archives.

All ARC artists still retain the ownership of their own work. It’s better than most record label situations that inherently treat recordings like a commercial product. ARC has no back catalogue.

Each ARC album is more of a career documentation artifact by each artist rather than a simple retail consumer product such as a coffeemaker or something like an individual candy bar.

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