Margaret Ida Jackson Threlkeld (Aunt Sis’)

Margaret Ida Jackson Threlkeld 1927-2014

Margaret Ida Jackson Threlkeld 1927-2014

Margaret Ida Jackson Threlkeld, 86, died Jan. 3, 2014, in Chicago.

She was born in Paola on Oct. 20, 1927, to George Jackson and Mary Beechum Jackson. She was the younger sister of the late Violet Jackson Burnett, a long-time Paola resident. She is a descendant of the Dillard family line of Paola.

Presented by Albert Threlkeld, Jr.

Friends, family, congregants, this day has come. It was not unexpected and for each of us it is inevitable. The day to be paid last respects awaits. I think of the notion of paying last respects as part of the social contract, an exchange for something that we valued. Your presence here today as participants in this service and witnesses to this memorial signifies that the life of my mother held for you some personal value. She occupies a place in your hearts and minds you cannot readily dismiss, and her soul has made its print. A proverb once said, “We are all visitors to this time and place, mere passersby. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, and to love. Then we return home.” Each individual life, spanning from birth to death, is part of a continuum—a connected chain of events. Without the link that was Margaret Jackson Threlkeld, the chain would be undoubtedly altered, not as complete. Thus, here we are, on this new day, crafting a narrative for a life that was dear to us.


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